North Carolina’s system of liquor control hasn’t kept up with the times and no longer serves today’s consumers or businesses. Tell your elected officials that you want them to support House Bill 971, also known as the Modern Licensure Model for Alcohol Control.

What’s Wrong with the Current System?

It's Outdated

Did you know that North Carolina is one of only eight states that still controls both the wholesale and retail sale of liquor? In fact, little has changed in more than 80 years since Prohibition was repealed.

It Limits Choice

The state's monopoly system for the sale of distilled spirits is why you can’t find your favorite bourbon at the ABC store and why a popular cocktail bar can’t source the desired variety of spirits to serve their guests.

It's Inefficient

It's why you need to make a separate trip to the grocery store for Bloody Mary ingredients, and a another trip to the ABC store for your liquor.

It Doesn’t Meet Consumer Needs

Even as the state with the ninth largest population, North Carolina has the second lowest outlet density in the nation with only .58 ABC stores per 10,000 people.

What North Carolinians Are Saying

  • When I am hosting brunch, it is too much trouble to have to make a separate trip to the ABC store. And half the time, the product I want is out of stock.
    Wilmington, NC
  • Sadly, my home bar is much better stocked than my restaurant's bar. There are so many spirits we can't get here in North Carolina.
    Pinehurst, NC